When you're a new driver driving an age-old car, you will certainly feel stressed and uneasy when something goes wrong with your car, especially something as major as a car battery failure in the middle of nowhere. This article offers you some actions to take when you're stuck in the countryside with a crashed car battery and don't have the means or knowledge to jumpstart it.

Try To Steer Your Car Towards The Shoulder Lane

If your car battery suddenly crashes, your engine will go off, but your tyres will continue to turn until the car comes to a complete halt. At this point, don't steer quickly into another lane or straight towards the shoulder because you could trigger a major accident. Instead, steer the car gently towards the shoulder lane and turn on your emergency lights immediately, so that other drivers know you're in trouble and will avoid getting in your way as you make your way to the shoulder lane.

Avoid Abrupt Brakes At High Speeds

If you're driving at a high speed when your car battery dies, the last thing you'll want to do is to brake abruptly because you could end up with a tumbled car on a speeding highway. Braking at high speeds will also damage the disc brake rotors and the brake pads, which will result in more trouble for your car apart from the dead battery. Instead, keep your foot on the brake and press it down slowly to handle your car with better stability. Slow braking will ensure that you remain safe in your car and is the least risky option you have.

Get The Emergency Towing Company To Take Your Car To The Nearest Mechanic

Wait in the shoulder lane until the emergency towing company arrives to take your car to the nearest mechanic. If you cannot get your car to the shoulder lane, leave it where it is and walk to a safer spot on the highway so that you don't end up getting hit in the middle of the road. Once the car is taken to a nearby service centre, the mechanic will need to either jumpstart or replace the battery based on the extent of the problem. If you decide you need a complete change to avoid any further complications, make sure the replacement battery has similar physical specifications to your old one for the best results.

Follow these actions when your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere and wait for towing services to get you to the nearest mechanic.