A stalled car by the road can be an unnerving experience for many people. Once you call for towing services, you may need to wait for the tow truck for some time. This can present some very dangerous situations especially at night or when in an unpopulated area. The following are some safety tips that anybody in such situations can use to ensure their safety before the tow arrives.  

Keep your juice

In such instances, many people spring to their phone and try reaching as many contacts as possible. Calling a relative or reliable friend is a good idea. But try to limit the number of phone calls you make. After calling for a towing truck, you are better off preserving your remaining power and waiting for the truck. In many instances, the tow truck operator may need to reach you again and ascertain your position. Preserving your power also means you have the phone working in case of other emergencies that may arise. Instead of binge-calling as many people as possible like many people do, simply contact a reliable friend or relative, the towing company, and then conserve your power until needed again.

Get a safe place to stop and wait

The basic rule is to always ensure that your car is well off the road. By the side or under a street light would help. If you can get assistance to push the car to the curb would be better. Leaving the car on the road is not always a good idea because other motorists may accidentally ram into your car especially if you stalled at a less visible point on the road. You can then wait by your car, or find somewhere safe to wait while you watch your car. The latter is especially important if you stalled at night at a place you instinctively feel is unsafe to be at. Sometimes, leaving your car after calling for towing services and making your way to the nearest safety you can identify is probably the best option.

Confirm with I.D

Finally, confirming that the truck that arrived is what or who you had been waiting for is a very crucial precaution. Many unscrupulous tow trucks sweep in opportunistically on such situations and offer the assistance only to charge you an arm and leg later. Be sure that your towing service provider is from your selected company and has I.D on them. Besides evading the extortive intentions of opportunistic tow drivers, asking for identification also ensures that you are safe and in good hands with a trusted party offering you assistance.