Car towing service can be provided by your local towing company each time you are stranded on the road, but it is also a skill you should perfect just in case someone else's car breaks down on the road and you are the only one close enough to offer the necessary assistance.

Four-down towing is one of the towing methods commonly used to tow cars with manual transmissions. It should be performed with safety being top-of-mind because dragging a broken down car behind another vehicle is a job that can result in serious safety hazards if not done expertly. Follow these tips to help you tow a manual transmission car in a safe style using the four-down method.

Tow bar

Even though you can use a rope, chain or special strap to pull a car behind the tow vehicle, the best tool is a tow bar. Tow bars are metal bars that usually come with a heavy duty hook on both ends, making them easy to attach to each vehicle. Unlike towing ropes, chains and straps, which can easily become loose, a tow bar will ensure that the towed car will not veer off the road or hit the back of the tow vehicle in case of driving emergencies, like sudden braking, because of its compact design.

Once the hooks on the tow bars have been connected to both vehicles, you no longer have to worry about maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles as is the case when using ropes, chains or straps. But make sure the tow bar's capacity is sufficient to handle the weight of the car being towed.


If you are towing a car and it is on all four wheels, other motorists approaching it from behind might not be aware of this if there is no sign to warn them. Place a placard with a 'Tow On' sign at the rear of the towed vehicle to inform other drivers to approach more cautiously.

Driving style

How you drive when towing any car can impact greatly on the safety of the tow. You should drive at low speeds so that you can easily notice what is happening on the road and react quickly to any emergencies. Avoid any abrupt braking or manoeuvres, as the car being towed might not be able to handle forces generated well. Whenever possible, step on the brake pedal very lightly prior to any actual braking.

These tips can help you improve your ability to two a car safely. However, owing is complicated and can be dangerous, so when possible, leave it to the professionals at a local towing service