If you are relocating to a new state, chances are you might need to tow your vehicle. If all of your personal belongings are loaded into a moving van that you need to drive to your new home, it is possible that towing your vehicle behind your moving van is the simplest solution for you. It is possible for you to transport your car during your move, but it is important for you to know some helpful tips that are designed to make towing your vehicle easier.


When you are towing your car, there are different types of trailers that you can choose from. A tow dolly is a common type and essentially lifts the front two wheels of the vehicle off the ground. A car carrier allows the entire car to be lifted off the roadway. A car carrier is the easier trailer to pull and is ideal for beginners. Driving a tow vehicle with a car carrier trailer is easier. When you are driving far distances in a tow vehicle, the car carrier is the best option.


It is always important that you take extra care when you are positioning the trailer. You need to make sure that the trailer is directly behind the tow vehicle and positioned in a straight line. Make sure that the trailer is secured to the tow vehicle before you load the car that you are going to tow. It is always a good idea to load the car being towed in the forward position. This is because you want the heaviest part of the car to be in the front. The engine is located in the front of the car and is typically where the car is heaviest. Putting extra cargo into the vehicle that you are towing is also not ideal. You do not want to go over the weight capacity of the trailer and this is possible if you begin loading items into the vehicle that you are towing.


It is also a good idea to rent a trailer that features fold down fenders. This makes it much easier for you to get out of the vehicle once you have moved it onto the trailer. If the trailer does not have fold down fenders, you likely will not be able to open your door all the way to exit your car normally. This might result in you having to climb out a window. Choosing a trailer with fold down fenders allows you to avoid this situation and makes things easier.